1.  To promote and defend the rights of youth, LGBT and persons living with HIV in Belize
  2.  To develop strategies and actions to contribute to a better quality of life for persons living with HIV, youth and the LGBT community
  3. To promote the right to universal access for prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS in a comprehensive, right-based manner of high standards and to monitor its effectiveness
  4. To promote the right to universal access to sexual and reproductive health services and information for youth and the LGBT community
  5. To promote the reduction of stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS, LGBT individuals and youth in all its contexts
  6.  To inform, educate and communicate at local, national, regional and international level, promoting sexual and reproductive health among youth and the LGBT community; also promoting primary and secondary prevention of HIV/AIDS among youth, the LGBT community, and in other populations at risk of HIV
  7.  To promote and establish fluid mechanisms of communication between and among persons living with HIV/AIDS, nongovernmental organizations, community based organizations, networks or other local national regional and international instances of persons living with HIV/AIDS, youth, and LGBT individuals
  8.  To promote and develop actions to strengthen the individual capacities of its members, of persons living with HIV, youth and LGBT in the country or/and the organization that the individual belongs
  9. To review or promote any legislation that aids in the elimination of stigma and discrimination towards youth, LGBT and person living with HIV/AIDS
  10. To advocate for stigma reduction strategies in the workplace and the community, at school and among incarcerated populations, and by heads of government departments, health providers, and security forces
  11. To address the economic needs of youth, LGBT and persons living with HIV/AIDS by providing skills services and training programs that will contribute to individuals’ ability to earn a living